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Current Sound Healing Meditations

I am pleased and thankful to announce that I am a Resident Artist for the BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community. Their funding is allowing me to offer four Sound Medicine Meditations free to the community.  For each event I will give a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl and Vocal Toning Meditation.  There is room for 10 participants at each sitting, so make sure to register now by Eventbrite.  The link for each event is posted next to the corresponding date.  Don’t worry that the Eventbrite titles are out of numerical order.  The promotional materials have yet to catch up with some date changes. Note that the events will be held outside if the weather permits and we will be requiring mask usage if it is necessary to be inside. 


I hope to see you!


Sound Medicine Meditation Series 

@4627 S Holly St

Seattle, WA 98118


Thursday 8/4/22 6:30 - 8p


links next to each date


Thursday  8/4/22 5p-6:30p - "Sound Medicine Meditation 4”   





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